Juliet performing acupuncture on male back.


Acupuncture involves using paper-thin stainless steel needles to access and move energy,
through a series of points on the body that lie on channels, also known as meridians. Like our
blood vessels, these channels carry energy through us, connecting all aspects of our physical,
mental and emotional wellbeing.  
By supporting a more balanced flow of energy through the body, acupuncture helps alleviate
pain and a wide variety of symptoms and creates greater ease of movement through life.

Variety of herbal supplements availble for purchase.

Chinese Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a sophisticated system of medicine that has been practiced for
thousands of years. 
Chinese Herbal Medicine is based on the same principles as acupuncture and is used to
address both manifesting symptoms and the root imbalances that underlie them. By working to
restore the body’s optimal functioning, they are effective treatments for both acute illness and chronic issues. Herbal and dietary supplements are customized to each individual patient, based upon health goals and physical needs.

Photo of wooden table in waiting room.

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Our holistic approach to improving your well-being includes assessing your nutrition and lifestyle
habits. Your treatment plan may include counseling to help you find the best practices and
choices to nourish your body and mind as well as balance your energy. Adjustments to your diet
or daily habits can complement both acupuncture and medical treatment to provide your body
what it needs to heal from within.

Juliet is a wonderful wellness practitioner. She is patient and really listens. She helped relieve my back and frozen shoulder pain. I am so grateful!